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About the foundation

The MyWay Young Talents Foundation is an innovative project which aims at practical support for students of universities and academies of music.

Our beneficiaries are equipped with instruments facilitating a professional start of their career.


MyWay’s mission is to promote Polish talents on both local and international music scenes.


Students of music universities and academies who play one of the instruments included in our list are invited to start cooperation with us. 










How to apply


The procedure behind submitting an application form is very simple. The candidates have a www.myway.pl website at their disposal. With its use they should fill in a form that will enable them sending the required videos.

The form is available under REGISTER key located in the upper right corner of the website.

The application forms sent by the candidates will be verified. The verification stages will be as follows:


  • formal evaluation of the application forms – in terms of the required materials’ timeliness and compliance
  • initial artistic evaluation of the application forms – made by the appointed team and including such criteria as: Interpretation of a musical composition, Musical talent, Vitality of a performance, Originality of a performance, Overall performance
  • final evaluation of the application forms – made by the Foundation’s Jury according to separate criteria


MyWay Foundation takes comprehensive care of its charges, taking into account their character, talent, personality and artistic potential. Every year the Foundation undertakes to look after several people selected in the course of a recruitment process.


The finalists will co-create instruments enabling development of their professional portfolio:


  • recording session in a studio
  • release of an album with demo materials
  • preparation of a film presenting the musician
  • development of a website in Polish and English
  • Curriculum Vitae in Polish and English
  • professional photo session





A list of obligatory compositions is available after clicking more





MYWAY ambassador



A person who represents the Foundation is Jennyfer Fouani – an ambassador of MyWay. She is a young, talented flutist who will be the first to receive a professional portfolio. Jennyfer’s task is to propagate MyWay’s idea. Her example will best show how comprehensively prepared will the Foundation’s charges be to start out on their music career. 






We are proud to present to you a letter supporting the activities of the MyWay Young Talents Foundation and signed by Maestro StanisÅ‚aw Skrowaczewski himself.